The *King* is a wit, who thinks he has control....
*Agogik* is the art of conscious changes in tempo.....
*King of Agogik* is a solo project of the drummer Hans Jörg Schmitz.
The press says:
*This instrumental music is tightly constructed, complex, multi-layered wall of sound
in the tradition of the finest artists working in the progressive genre. The material is the culmination
of the best elements progressive rock has to offer as the tunes shift from energetic raw crunching metal
to haunting melodic ambience and sweeping symphonic epics, and mind bending moments of
challenging avant-garde dissonance. This stuff is also a brilliant collection of well orchestrated compositions,
augmented by the Kings amazing powerhouse percussive skills*.

"From A to A" - Released in July 2011


2013/2014 - Work in progress for the 5th K.o.A. Album